Sunday, September 12, 2010

Get Outta Town!!!!!

Without getting into much detail, my family has had some very difficult times lately. Since late May, we've dealt with health crisis, an ongoing issue that rocked the family to it's core, and a few other events that we've managed to pull through.

Thankfully we are all alive, mostly healthy and the kids are doing fantastic. Adam is no longer a toddler, he's a full fledged little boy. He comes up with the most interesting ideas and he speaks with such emotion (and with his hands). Adam loves to learn, he's fully potty trained now, and is eating more items on the menu than just chicken and pb&j. He's always been a picky eater, that's for sure, but I think we're turning a corner.

Isabelle is adorable. What can I say? She just is! She is still quiet and reserved when in new environments, but once she feels safe, she is outgoing and fun. She has begun to talk and is learning new words everyday. She sings Itsy Bitsy Spider and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and on my birthday I heard her singing Happy Birthday To You from her carseat. I was able to record it and I'll keep it forever.

They seem to carry on conversations on their own and really enjoy spending time together. She loves music and dancing, Adam loves action movies and cartoons. He really likes Scooby Doo!

We are soon leaving for a weeklong visit to Milwaukee and we are so excited. I can't wait to give Joseph the biggest hug ever! The kids are looking forward to it and Adam has known for days and won't let us go anywhere without asking if we are going to Milwaukee now. Joseph will be amazed at how grown the kids are. I've heard the city is beautiful in the fall and we are staying near Lake Michigan. While the weather here was 96 degrees today, it's mid 60s up there!!!! It'll be nice to enjoy a real fall for a few days.