Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rest is for the weary

Well, well, well, another week has gone by and not so much as a post. Sorry, but I've been busy. Since my last post, Adam officially turned two and we had our big road trip of 2009. We had doctor appointments before we left and all went well. We dosed them both up with Tylenol in preparation for shots. Adam got lucky and avoided them. It seems he was all caught up and didn't need any. Yeah! But, Isabelle got 4.....wah wah wah. I was glad that it didn't affect her mood because she did great. No fevers, no fussing, she was all smiles.

Adam has been Adam. What can I say? One moment so sweet, the next wreaking havoc. During a recent night while we were in Milwaukee, we had dinner with my nephew and his friends to celebrate. My adorable little boy was winding down his busy day in my lap. Happily snuggled up on my lap. All of a sudden, he sat up, pursed his lips to give me kisses. So sweet, right? Well, then he looked at me, pursed his lips, and kissed each cheek then my lips again!! I have no idea where he got the idea, who or when he may have seen this, but it was about the most heart melting thing EVER! He knew it too, cause then he kept on.
Conversations with a two year old are pretty funny! They go something like this:
Daniel: Adam, what do you want to wear?
Adam: Cars!
Daniel: Motorcycles?
Adam: No, I want Cars.
After this conversation he came to me and said:
Adam: Mommy, Cars! *points at shirt*
Me: That's way cool!
Adam: And bints.
Me: And what?
Adam: bints!
Me: Sorry, but I don't understand, show me.
Adam: Bnts! *points to his pants*
Me: OH!!!!! Yes, pants. Thanks for being patient with Mommy.
When we're all ready to leave:
Us: Adam, it's time to go, are you ready?
Adam: No, I play

It's amazing to think back to how he used to just be a baby. Now, he tells me what he needs and wants. He knows all the flashcards that we've been practicing, except he calls the picture of the king Daddy. Hmmmm, do you think Daniel told him this once or twice? I wonder. When you ask him how old he is, he tells you "I'm two". Sometimes at night I hear on the monitor when he's tossing and turning. Sometimes, I hear him mumble "mommy" in his sleep. That's how I know he loves me and needs me. I know then that I am with him all the time, even in his dreams.

The trip went well. Adam did much better on the trip. In fact, there was very little crying in the van. This made me very happy. Both kids did good in the van actually. Poor Isabelle though, all cooped up in that carseat. But she was a trooper. Daniel drove all the way there and back, but he really doesn't mind all that driving. I felt bad though because after all that driving he didn't even go to the graduation. See, Adam had "one of those days" and Daniel took one for the team. It ended up being the best thing to do because the day we had was hectic. Left the hotel at 7:30, drove downtown, parked a couple blocks away, 2 hour ceremony, then walked back to the car, drove to the campus quickly (after getting lost first) to find parking, ran to Subway and ate quickly, then rushed to the degree ceremony at 2. Then came the tears and saying goodbye. Adam would have been terrible and the seats were so crowded! I'm short and my knees were nearly touching the head in front of me! Adam surely would have kicked someone. Instead, Daniel and the kids stayed in the room, relaxed, watched movies, ordered room service, and spent a non chaotic day together.

We visted the Harley Davidson Museum.....three times! Let me explain. Everyone went the first time and looked at everything. Well, as much as Adam would let us. He wasn't handling the reading very well because all he wanted to see was "kye kye" (translation: cycle). We visited the souvenir shop and bought a few things. We forgot to call Aunt Janie and David to see if they needed anything. She happened to call shortly after Daniel decided he wanted a different shirt. So, the following day we made another trip to the museum to exchange shirts and pick up ones for Janie and David. We got back to the hotel and discovered that Daniel was given the original shirt back! So, after the full day I had at the graduation, Daniel and I headed back out to the museum to exchange it again. They were super nice and gave us a few freebies- 3 stickers and a lapel pin! How nice was that?! And we finally got the right shirt to boot! The museum has lots of cool exhibits with a wall of engines that you can push a button to hear, a wall of fuel tanks from the different models, and tons and tons of bikes! It was interesting to hear the true Harley riders talk amongst themselves. Now I can speak pilot talk, but this Harley talk was a whole different language! I wish I knew what they were discussing because it sounded pretty interesting.

Princess Isabelle is growing. I looked at her weight in comparison to Adam's at her age. Adam was a whopping 16.9 lbs! She's two pounds lighter! She's begun rolling back to front now and is such a giggle box. Adam makes her crack up as she just watches him play. Soon enough, she'll be running around behind him stealing his toys. That's going to be fun.

Well, this has been a long one. I've tried to include the highlights and I hope I haven't jumped around too much. Til next time!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Almost Birthday

I have been neglecting this blog thingy lately. It's not that there hasn't been plenty going on, but I just haven't felt like putting thoughts into words. Life has been fun and eventful for sure. Adam's birthday party was May 2nd and he had a blast. He got the perfect mix of new toys and clothes. He knows no fear on thos massive inflatables. He would climb up, sit down, and in a blink of an eye was at the bottom. It was so great to not have to "work" the party. Just paid the people and left. Ahhhh, that was nice. He even blew out his candles this year. My big boy is almost two on Monday May 11th. Actually, today, May 9th was almost his birthday. I had a dr. appt and my blood pressure was a bit high, so they sent me to the hospital for observation. Then she came in and said that since we were so close and all there that she could go ahead and induce. I kinda freaked. I was so anxious to see him, but at the same time, I wanted to stay pregnant. No, I'm not crazy. I enjoyed being pregnant. I had prepared to give birth on May 11th, not May 9th. Daniel didn't understand my reasoning at all. But, since I was the one giving birth, it went my way. So, I will always remember May 9th as Adam's almost birthday. We have had this adorable little being for two years! WOW! Once I sat and stared at him in my arms. Now I stare at him because we're pretty much having conversations. He answers questions. He asks simple questions. If he doesn't want what you're giving him he tells you "no" or his new favorite "uh uh". Tonight we were putting shapes in his sorter and I told him that he had to look for the right one. He put the block to the one he thought it fit and said "there?" or "this?" He skipped across the living room last night. He opens doors like a pro, especially the pantry door. We've now child proofed that door. My sweet sweet son....I look in those eyes and see so much wonder in them. He's full of excitement and eagerness to learn new things. He makes friends so easily with his bubbly personality. He saw a little boy at the play place we went to today. The next thing I knew he was in the inflatable (that he refused to go in before) tossing balls with a little boy who came in with his mommy. His checkup was on Thursday and he now weighs 28.8 pounds and is 2ft. 10in. He loves Dr. Powell and actually enjoys getting a checkup. He sits so quietly while the dr. checks his chest, tummy, mouth, and ears. Two years old and it's gone so fast.

Isabelle is now 4 months old. She weighs in at 14lbs 7 oz, is 25 inches long, and her head circumference is 16in. Her hair is about 3 inches long and is between her shoulder blades. The dr could no longer hear her heart murmur. That was great to hear. She'll go to the cardiologist in July for an echocardiogram to see if the hole is closing. Her little eye is improving but still goes in sometimes. If this doesn't show more improvement by 6-9 months, we'll visit a pediatric opthamologist to see what course of action we should take, which most likely will be a patch over her good eye. The dr. sees improvement and said it's not that bad, but we'll just keep watching as she develops her eye sight through the next few months. She rolls over now and scoots all over her bed. She's a giggle box and has such a big smile. She's the apple of her daddy's eye and she knows it!

We leave for Wisconsin on Wednesday morning. I've been slowly packing up. It's a big job packing up two little ones. Hopefully the weather sticks to what the forecast is, which is mid 60s up there. Not too many plans for the trip. Gotta have BBQ in Memphis and get a picture of the kids in front of the Graceland gates. In Milwaukee we'll visit the university campus and around town, and we'll also visit the new Harley Davidson museum. Joseph said it's awesome and we'll love it. Then we'll see Joseph graduate and head home. Joseph hasn't seen the kids since Isabelle was born, so we're all excited to see him.

It's amazing how fast a year goes and all the blessings that can happen in that time. It's funny how certain facts remain in your mind. I found out I was pregnant with Adam on Sept. 10, 2006. I knew Isabelle was on her way on May 15, 2008. It's only a year later and she's here and 4 months old. My friend from high school had her daughter on May 7, 2006 and she passed the next day. Parker would have been three this year. Jessica is an amazing woman and is keeping her promise to Parker to spread awareness of the condition she died from. She passed from Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia. Big words, I know. But it's an awful birth defect that is a hole in the diaphragm that allows internal organs like the intestines, liver, and spleen to move up into the chest, preventing the growth of lungs and heart. Unfortunately most people have never heard of this defect, but yet it kills half of the babies diagnosed with it. I'm telling you this to raise awareness, but to also encourage all of us to give our children extra hugs and kisses. I try to remember her story when Adam is throwing a tantrum and I get frustrated. Jessica never got to hear Parker cry. So, I count my blessings that Adam is a healthy, sometimes mischievious little boy who sometimes throws a massive fit. I have a new baby girl who depends on us for everything and screams her opinions of what we're doing wrong (or not fast enough). This means that God has blessed me with two babies that I get to hold each day and night. I love these two blessings more than anything in my life.