Thursday, June 11, 2009

Go Sit!

Last night's hilarious conversation with Adam:
Me: "Adam, let me get your plate before you drop it." (he was wiping clean his highchair )
Adam: :"No!"
Me: "Adam, before you make a mess, let me take the plate to the sink, please."
Adam: *raises index finger* "No Mommy! Go!" *points finger to sofa* "Go Sit!"
Me: *holding back from laughing* "Adam, you don't speak to Mommy like that, you are a little boy."

Daniel and I wanted to laugh so badly!

Wednesday's storms kept me in a tizzy. Now, anyone who knows me well enough, knows that I am a nervous nelly, especially when there's severe storms. Daniel just indulges me on my need to run around like a mother hen and prepare for the apocalypse that I'm sure is heading our way. He actually even packed up the diaper bag with the essentials: diapers, wipes, water, formula, bottle/cup....oh wait, he left those out. Lot of good that would have done us once said apocalypse had come! I got the flashlight, got Adam dressed and with shoes. Daniel sat there completely not understanding that, but to me it made since. Duh, Adam can't walk around with glass and debris everywhere. I know, I'm such a worrier. But, the news doesn't help when every second they are saying there's a tornado a few miles North and they even issued a Tornado Warning for places that hadn't even been rained on yet. The wind howled, electricity flashed off, then back on before I could reach the dang thing, flashes of lightning at every blink of an eye, but no end of the world came. THANK HEAVEN!

Today at work, I felt like I was inside of a brushless car wash. It looked like a dang hurricane! The area outside my window faces the South and is under construction. The dried up desert that was there yesterday is now affectionately known as "South Lake" . Clever huh? Well, the lake got bigger and bigger, and as the wind whipped around it actually had white caps. The rain flew in horizontal and would slam into the window. It would lighten up and the the next wave. I've not seen storms like that in years. Usually a line blows through and we're done, but it just kept coming. I will try to post a picture tomorrow of what the lake looked like at the end of the day. There were no planes leaving of course, but once the weather cleared it was back to business as usual and I always enjoy watching the planes. I'm such a geek! Show me a 777, 747, or a new 767 with winglets and I'm amazed. Now I know where Adam gets it from. I'm one of those people that would sit on the hood of a car, pondering life's possibilities while gazing at the planes on final approach for hours! Or enjoy the rush of watching a plane takeoff at max power and wonder where all those people are going. See, total geek.....

Tonight we were playing with Adam and he was getting way to wild. So, I said "Freeze!" He kept spinning then would say "Freeze". The other day we were driving and saw a train. He was in the back and said "Train! Toot Toot!" We laughed. Isabelle has begun to say "mamamama". Oh, how quickly you forget all these little things. When you come home from a crazy chaotic day and your kids smile and giggle, you know you've accomplished the greatest in life and God has to offer.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Looky here, I finally check in. What excuse do I have? TWO KIDS!!!!!

Alot has been happening in the Spencer world....let's recap in no particular order.

Adam's potty training is going well. He is officially on week two, but is quickly catching on now. He's wearing undies now and says "Pee" when it's time. This morning he went first thing and then Daniel got him dressed. So, he's walking around talking and starts saying "Pee". I start convincing him to walk to the potty, but it was too late, he had already had an accident. Poor little guy, he felt so bad. Although, to watch him waddle his way to his room was quite funny. Like he'd just gotten off a horse! Anyway, while changing him he had the saddest look in his eyes while we explained that it was an Uh Oh, and big boys only go on the potty. We'll see how he did throughout the day.

Adam listens to the radio and loves the Black Eyed Peas song Boom Boom Pow. Daniel had told me he'll sing it, but I hadn't heard him. So, driving home yesterday it was on, but then went off. He quietly tells me "I want Boom Boom Pow". It was so cute that I had him repeat it and he did. He's becoming much more clear spoken and such a sweetie. The other day, Daniel was slicing cheddar cheese (which Adam loves). Daniel gave him his slice and Adam held his hand up and said "and Mommy?". Daniel gave him another slice and Adam ran over with the biggest grin and said "and Mommy". I didn't realize he had asked for a slice for me until Daniel told which I cried. Yep, cried. I guess because it was the first time that Adam did something out of kindness for another person. Sure, he's nice, he shares, and all, but this was different. He actually thought of asking for a slice for me. To me, that means I just may be doing something right!

And as for Baby Belle, aka Lil Mama, she's just a doll. She rolls over like a champ! She loves gazing at her hands. Her feet are new to her and she just loves to play with them. Her newest thing is so cute, but I think we'll soon have teeth popping up. She rubs her gums together, which makes her look like a baby bulldog. Her bottom lip comes up a little bit as she raises her bottom gum to her top and she'll just concentrate on rubbing. It's funny! This also makes her cheeks all the more irresistable to pinch. She gets so excited at things that she's begun to flail around, thus punching and scratching me. I'm surprised I still have a top lip. She also went swimming this past Sunday for the first time. She donned her little pink ruffly bikini and floated for a bit, but then she wanted to be next to me. Adam also swam and he's now earned his gills. He was fetching in his one piece flotation device with an additional pair of arm floaties (Cars, of course). He was nervous at first, but within 5 minutes he was having a blast. Ever the daredevil, he was jumping into the water and into Daniel's arms. This makes me nervous, but all I get is an eye roll from Daniel. So, now Daniel can be the official lifeguard of Adam so I don't get gray hairs yet!

In other, non Spencer household news, my sister is officially getting divorced! THIS IS GREAT NEWS! All that read this should already know the history behind this, so I'll spare those details (and save you from hearing my ranting). The papers will be signed by her tomorrow and he should be served within a week or two. They are going to expedite this since they know where he's at right now- in jail. No surprise there.

This past Saturday, my sister kept the kids while Daniel and I had a night out. We ran around like crazy! We saw the new movie UP! It was very cute, somewhat sad, and funny. It's full of color with all those balloons too! How funny is it that we went to a Disney movie without the kids? We ran around for a while, making sure to visit Mandy as she recuperated. Then visited Hooters for a breat cancer 3-day walk bake sale. It was really awesome to see the goodies and the other handmade items they had. I'm sure Daniel enjoyed checking out the couple of Hooters girls that came out while he was there too.....not that he was looking or anything.

Well, I think that sums up quite a bit. I hope I didn't leave anything out. Til next time!