Friday, December 3, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and The Downright UGLY!!!!

Something has been bothering me alot lately and I've been dwelling on it for too long. It's an emotion that has me wondering if I am a good person who does try to see the best in others. This emotion has kept me up at night, it has made me want to be so hurtful, and has actually made me want to wish physical pain on someone. I decided I need to put this out there so I can vocalize my feelings and release this pent up emotion.

I will only say this once. I have to painfully admit that in all my years on this Earth, I actually HATE someone. I know it's a strong word and one not to be taken lightly, but this is why I've struggled with this for months. This person has purposely tried to destroy someone very close to me, someone who I consider my brother. So many things went wrong and so many things went her way because no one dared to say otherwise. This person is a liar, who manipulated the system to work in her favor. This person was able to take away so much that my family worked so hard for, without so much as a real tear (although there were plenty of fake ones). I ask myself how a person can possibly be so manipulative and heartless and still live with themselves. This person has also convinced her "friend" to be so disgusting and vile in public places when this friend of hers happened to encounter my "brother". Insults were hurled from her mouth that we so nasty and I can take comfort in that she made herself look like a complete idiot. Thankfully, my "brother" kept walking, never interacting with this deranged person. However, it did shake him up, how could it not? He did the right thing and reported it to the authorities and documented the information. Much to their chagrin, he is too much of a gentleman and will not stoop to their level of immaturity. This two people are in college, but yet it seems have the maturity of high schoolers. And to make it worse, they are in law school! Scary, huh?

I hope no one looks differently upon me for revealing my feelings like this. I can honestly say I have never wanted to see someone's life and all their hard work fall apart. I hope eventually they can look back and realize what they did, that they had the chance to avoid all this, but honestly I don't think they will. They are wrapped up in the themselves, their lives will be consumed with tearing others down who they feel have done them wrong. See, that's what this stems from. My"brother" had moved on, his relationship was going great (and actually still is), his career was on the fast track, and his aspirations for graduate school were happening. In the end, she may have put a speed bump in his track, but he's actually more determined than ever. That is one thing they can't take away. He's looked at these adversities as stepping stones to prove how determined and strong he is.

So, let me end with this. She said she was attacked, abused, held captive, and almost strangled.
She wasn't. She threatened to harm herself in texts that she sent him. He has a big heart (too big apparently), went to check on her, and it got him into all this. Next time, I hope she's NOT crying wolf. One day she is going to know what it feels like to truly be abused and experience a night of terror, and on that day, I wish I could see her. I've been in an abusive relationship, so when someone like this cries wolf it infuriates me! In the end I know God will serve his punishment for her actions and lies, just a small part of me wishes I could take part in delivering the punishment. She told people this was all a misunderstanding and even offered $500 for his defense! She called me one night as she and her "friends" walked into a club at 12:30AM! But yet, she experiences nightmares due to the trauma. During the trial, the DA even stated their were inconsistencies in her testimony.

Lessons learned: It's guilty until proven innocent. Money may not buy happiness, but it sure makes it easier to get justice for your loved one if you have it. Family is truly the strongest bond and as long as you have yours, everything will be ok. God has his hand in everything, and that includes dealing with those who deserve all they have coming to them- Good and Bad!

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