Sunday, August 2, 2009

Many Firsts

Isabelle has gotten her first tooth! I love the fact that she's running a little slower than Adam did. Adam grew so fast that he quickly was a little boy soon after he was born. He always looked older because he had so much hair, he rolled over at 11 weeks, he crawled at freakin' 5 months, had two teeth come in at 5 months, and walked at 10 months. Isabelle is taking her sweet time and I love it! She's almost 7 months now and she's almost crawling. She gets on all fours and rocks and then she'll creep her knee up and .....fall back on her tummy. She is totally different than Adam in so many ways. She clings to me like a little koala bear. She is a total people watcher and is content to watch us or even cartoons. Oh, and she absolutely adores her big brother.

We also got a new family member. His name is Lucky and he is a Yorkie. He's got lots of hair and is a total furball. He's already housebroken and he is fitting right into the family.

Las Colinas Medical Center had a NICU reunion this Saturday and we took Isabelle. They had so many cute things and the nurses were great. It was the nurses that worked the event. Everything from food, to pictures, and they visited with all the families. They had face painting, clowns, balloon animal artist, small games, and a big backdrop for momento pictures. The birthing experience between Irving Baylor and Las Colinas is astounding. Irving Baylor was fine, don't get me wrong, but they didn't seem to go that extra step in providing outstanding care. Las Colinas on the other hand was a great experience. Every single nurse I had was willing to help and did it with a smile. They truly cared about me and the things I was going through. I didn't get to see Isabelle for over a day because of the c-section and the effects of the epidural had me so sick. My nurse Tina, sat and talked to me about it and helped me work through the emotions I was having. The NICU nurses there made cute cutouts with Isabelle and even Adam's names on them. They sent us home with everything that wasn't bolted down and one of the nurses escorted us all the way to the car snapping pictures along the way! So, it was fantastic to see the nurses and all the babies. We saw the neonatologist that assisted in Isabelle's birth. They probably didn't form much of a bond with us since we weren't there many days or weeks like some of the families had, but I'm glad for that! It was just amazing to see the connection between the families and the nurses that were so instrumental in the care of our babies in such a heartbreaking time.

Adam is doing great. He's potty trained, but has the occassional accident. His speech is getting better and better. He loves the number 2, he'll spell his name, and he is so polite nowdays. For the longest time he refused to say thank you. Now, he says it everytime his request is met. He will say he is sorry for bumping into you or running over your foot with his toys. He's definitely headstrong and I see alot of Daniel in his actions. I tend to be more reserved where as he'll dive into any situation.

Life has been hectic lately and sometimes I wish I could slow it down. We've already been discussing school options for Adam and first birthday planning has already begun for Isabelle. It's amazing how the time has flown by!

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